Sabtu, 04 Juli 2015

Weight Loss For Childhood Obesity - How Kids and Teens Can Conquer Their Weight

Childhood obesity is becoming the biggest epidemic for kids and teens in the world. Kids and teens who are over weight usually do not have the right knowledge to how to carry on the best lifestyle possible. They do not know the bad effects of certain foods even though they may assume its healthy. They do not know the bad effects of sitting for hours long end in front of a television, video game or computer. They do not know the true benefits of certain raw natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. Sure you might of heard that fruits and vegetables are good for you but only those who truly know act upon it. The thing is, every person needs a teacher, or a source to attain knowledge about certain things they want to know, so by you reading this I presume you want some answers, good ones too. Okay, I shall give them to you. But your job is to take them, act upon them and be persistent. Try to develop a true sense of your problem, whether your the parent who wants a solution for your kids over weight scare or you are the kid or teenager who wants the solution for your own self, try to truly understand and define your issue as to what it is. Once you realize the reality of your condition, I want you to ask your self "what will I do about it". Yes, say it again and again and think about it hard, and keep repeating it, what will you really do about it.

Weight Loss For Childhood Obesity - How Kids and Teens Can Conquer Their Weight

Yes, do you finally realize that the ferry God-mother is not going to stop by your house any time soon and wave her magic wand for you. Or are you searching for the magic genie. You have to understand that losing weight is not going to happen instantly like magic, and realize that if you ignore yourself then one day it can back fire. Childhood obesity is more serious then you think. Premature weight gain is now becoming the largest cause of premature deaths especially for teens. Researches have found in a study of 80 over weight students 'middle-aged' arteries in which some of them were just as young as twelve years of age. Are you realizing it better yet. You must take action now, have some determination to get you going, stay motivated, be strong and address the your weight now.

Your Ultimate Weight Loss Plan

As I said, I shall give you answers. Whether your the parent of an obese child or you are the child or teen whose reading this and your trying to over come your weight, let me first tell you that it's not your fault. But it will be your fault when you find answers and solutions but you just do nothing about it. I want you to set a goal for your self and I want you to set it now. If you already set it long before then that's great, which is probably why you found this page, but you most likely don't know how to reach that goal, which is what I'm going to teach you. Yes, I will teach you how to achieve that goal. I know you probably expected me to give you some easy weight loss techniques (which I will present to you at the end of this page), but whats the point if you don't know how to use what you know to achieve your ultimate goal. What I'm going to teach you is very valuable especially if you want to start losing weight from today. If you truly want to start shedding pounds for you or your child, the key is stay persistent in your initiative plan to receive the expected results. So how do we do that? I want you to bookmark this page to your browser, and read slowly and carefully my friend.

First I want you to determine and visualize what you want. Don't just think you want it, know your goal.

After you have thought about it, write it down on paper and stick it where you can see it everyday so you do not forget your real aim.

I now want you to over come your fear of failure; don't fear failure, over come it with faith in yourself or fear will paralyze you.

Now believe in yourself; you must believe in your self and believe that you can do it and that you will achieve results. If you fail to believe in your self then you will feel hopeless and not even try, and then you end up quitting before you even tried, so make sure you believe you can do it.

Now make a list of every possible thing you need or have to do to achieve your weight loss goal.

Now I want you to set a deadline to motivate yourself to take action.

Now I want you to take action every day seven days a week, not 3, 4, or 5 days, working towards your goal each day is the biggest key to finding results.

Next, think about every step you take in your day, is it taken you towards the direction of your goal or is it taken you away from your goal.

Now I want you to delete negative people; stay away from people who tell you that you can't do it or make you feel that achieving certain things is not realistic, instead find those who are already where you want to be.

Now I want you to expect optical challenges that may come your way while your on the road to losing weight and visualize that you will keep going when they come. This is because in case challenges do come your way, you will not allow them to slow you down or stop you because you already planned for them.

Now don't let failure defeat you! You might have times where you crash what! Don't quit...keep going, keep reminding yourself of what your goal is and don't let any break downs slow you down.

And finally, determine the price for achieving your overall results and then pay the price and get busy.

Obesity is no thing to wait on, so you must learn to set yourself on the right road by following these valuable steps first that I just gave you. Now fight and don't stop fighting. Tell your self that I'm going to lose weight because I choose to, I'm not just going to lose weight but I'm going to get firmed and toned too, I'm going to be like those super models on T.V. and I'm going to do it because that's who I choose to become. And now your a goal setter, not a goal hoper.